behr premium plus paint and primer in one dry time

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It took a little time to wait for it to dry, but not as messy and finish is smooth. I personally have always hated using anything above a satin sheen on the walls because I think it looks too “plasticy”, which is why I have always used mold and mildew resistant primer first, and then painted over it after. While I agree that I would prefer to just see a sale price, I can tell you with all confidence and honesty that a miniscule portion of submissions are rejected. Save yourself…DON’T USE BEHR!!!!! This was even stated on the Sherwin Williams cans years ago. Behr Premium Plus Primer. Ha! The stuff is just downright no good. As a technical service rep for a major paint manufacturer, I know that lab testing is not always transferrable to applications in the field (especially considering the variable skill level of the actual applicator). Some pigments are by their very nature more transparent than others and have less white in them which is generally op It did not work!! I’ve done fine with Behr as with other paints! It’s not magic and neither is the paint. I am in no way stating the paint is no good, or won’t give you a nice look in 1 coat. If the 2009 coats have faded any, then I have yet to notice. I tried putting it on thick, putting it on thin. You may like what you find. I’ll not waste funds on ralph Lauren again. Not ONE COAT. Remove mildew stains with a mildew stain removing product. Will see what happens this time as I never used interior paint on the outside of the boat. I think that it is technically possible to coat only one – most of the the job look great after the first coat. I was very pleased with the results. (enter small print). This paint seems thicker to me than the regular Behr paint (if that’s possible), but it rolled on like silk against a rugged paneling. ——— I love Behr paint and use it more than other brands. I will be using a primer from Miller paint for the new sheetrock and ceiling finish (hopefully just one topcoat for ceiling) and will follow up primed areas with 2 topcoats of Valspar or Miller’s Devine line of paint (love the Devine paint line…thick paint, doesn’t splatter, etc) for walls. That’s why primers are thinner and you can often see through them. Retaping would be advisable if using a second coat. If you’re doing a paint job then use primer first and then use paint for your top coat. But buy the correct paint for the job conditions. Bottom line: this paint is SO worth the price. Wet the brush before you start and shake it/ wipe it. Never miss out on the hottest deals and latest news from BEHR. Truly blow and go. My duagher and I are painting a bedroom for her. I just touched up paint in living room originally put up three years ago. I have not had any problem with regular behr paint. I explained to the rep what happened and showed him the video. And I’ve used Behr in the past (with Kilz! I know I didn’t like Behr in the past but things change quickly these days. I just used the Behr premium paint to paint a dining room and one bedroom. Behr Premium Plus Ultra Paint & Primer... you gotta try this on your next project Peeps. Must be the good preparation, and painting when it is warm and dry. My wife and I recently went to Mississippi to help our son and his family paint the whole inside of their house so they could move in. Why bother taping at all if this is the case? I usually use mid grade Duron paint and never have a flow problem. BEHR PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA Interior Hi-Gloss Enamel Stain-Blocking Paint and Primer in One is 100% acrylic, providing an extra durable glossy paint film that is moisture, stain and scuff resistant. What a difference in sales persons. The paint itself applies nicely, has good working consistency and dries well. Lets make sure you are reviewing the right product.Please verify by confirming the label and purchase date below. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the. Even better, the very strong cigarette smoke smell in the basement disappeared completely after painting, and has not returned. 75.”. Used it on kitchen cabinets- holding up well. It’s simply a clever way of selling the product. I would use an oil base primer such as kills, as I said before primer is primer paint is paint. Doing other daughters house,previous owner had a rose color on kitchen wall repainting it yellow.Bought paint an primer all in one started putting one coat on bled through hubby stopped and primered the whole wall, then painted with all in one paint and still bled through, so he had to put another coat on. Problem is, when I pointed out the “dagger” symbol to the clerk @ HD, he mixed the correct primer color but then informed me the finish color was only available in the combo product! I even saw a display IN HOME DEPOT. Lock in stains with the first primer coat; if necessary, apply a second primer coat of BEHR ULTRA Paint. Find coordinating colors then preview them in your own virtual room image. So here we go again repainting inside AND outside this 5000+ square foot house … not something we had planned on investing in so soon. I had to return some because it wasn’t sticking – seemed to slide on with streaks. Other brands can take at least 4-5 coats. For this project, I too, was talked into the paint plus primer as I was working with a shade of red paint. but, if you buy the 1 coat paint, 1 coat roller, and 1 coat brush, 1 time (and pay a premium for it) and realize you need two coats, they just make a crap load more money…. It turned out to be the worst option for me. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. I used the Behr Premium Plus Ultra to paint my home office, which was converted from the kids playroom. I don’t know if they even make it anymore. We painted this bathroom a peach color over a lite grey. Try it! all areas were covered and the damage is now hidden, of course there were a bunch of areas that needed to be re-finished on the drywall. I was pleased at first, looked nice. I’ve never had so much trouble with any company honoring a rebate system. This is amazing paint. though no one who uses it will understand how it works. An idiot can paint with this and I will come out great. Primer has less pigment and more binder/ resin so it sticks better without interference from the pigment which colors the paint and gives it body. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A GUARANTEED ONE COAT PAINT. Most products on the market have low volatile organic compound content, whereas they had some solvents (even in latex paint products) in the past. However my friends NO paint and I mean none of them are worth $35 and up a gallon. 2 coats covered it completely and it’s beautiful. That is why you can order shutters in pre-made colors. Use BEHR PREMIUM PLUS® Paint as a primer over properly prepared coated or uncoated surfaces. Our advice? I don’t think a good painting job can be ever done without two coats. Bathrooms have level 5 drywall finish in prep for future wallpaper in 12 months. I bought the Behr Premium paint. I payed $40 a gallon for this crap. ANY ONE NO OF ANY GREAT COUPONS, DISCOUNTS, ETC ON PURCHASING BEHR ULTRA PREMIUM PLUS PRIMER IN ONE PAINT? If you know how to paint and have good brushes and naps you should be impressed yourself. Darker colours may require additional dry time between coats. The paint just felt funny too — not a smooth pull on the brush. Anyway, this paint is significantly worse in quality and coverage, and just like everything else at Home Depot, is of questionable quality. I hate it. Try this. Take pride in your work and the work will last. I did NOT prime over my old paint in my hallway, and alas, the Behr Ultra Paint & Primer, is peeling off the old finish. A good method to see how well the paint product you just aplied is is to take you fingure press it firmly on the wall and rub upwards. Mark and Tony – thanks for the input. I purchased the Behr paint with primer mixed in when it was on sale over Labor Day weekend. Behr's new Marquee line has the 35 degree cut off point, plus it has a quicker set time. I have not had one complaint yet! Allow new stucco, plaster and masonry to cure for 30 days before painting. May be I did have a prep issue??? Yes, it’s a modular home and I’m suffering from paint shadows,big time. I will repair, prime and paint like I have always done before. Seems like there is a viscosity issue. They painted a med. It like satisfying hunger with filling your belly with water. We repainted the outside of a house we have with Behr Ultra and so far, two years later, we haven’t noticed problems. I should mention that the above post was in reference to the exterior paint (on cedar siding). Within an hour of completion the rain came. Update: Yep, painting the babby's room next Sunday. They are getting harder to find and more expensive due to laws on VOCs but are still the best for stain covering and the only primers that will cover non water based stains consistently. in with the paint. 2- the Behr ultra paint will adhere to almost anything- FALSE. Second, I prime when needed, new drywall or wood, etc… Thirdly, a good painter doesn’t need to tape at the ceilings. It is obvious that this post is among the best I have found today. Pretty frustrating. The bathrooms are well ventilated and we allowed for a week of drying time before hanging towels. I would be very interested to hear what a paint chemist has to say about such a system. I recommend Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation for the cabinets. Interior Paint & Primer Behr makes highly rated, award-winning paints, stains, and more that deliver superior value at every price point so everyone can transform their space into the look they want with the colors they love. That’s reason #1 for why I use it. He finished the house last night, but he still needs to paint the trim. This info comes up automatically when the paint pro keys in the color name on their paint computer system. 2 (U.S.A. only). I wouldn’t put it into paint for any reason. As some other posters have stated, you have to prep (patch holes and uneven spots, sand, tape) and use the proper equipment when you paint. It covered the wallpaper well. Now I’m reading about paint. I have painted 8 houses in 6 years so I am familiar with painting prep/technique. etc. Your email address will not be published. Some models cover very well with one coat. You let the paint sit for too long (3+ days) before painting without stirring/shaking it up enough and the paint started to separate. Some of the comments, where paint peeled badly, made me wonder if latex was applied over oil based paint without priming first. Dunn-Edwards is another bad paint the builder’s originally used was junk for the bathrooms and peeled, thanks to their junk PVA primer. Covered awesomely ! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have used Behr paint in the past, and found it acceptable. I agree with Barbara in that it shows ALL the drywall problems! to speak with one of the HD employees. My contractor just finished painting two rooms with this paint. Just about all latex paints or the premium ones are self priming depending on the situation. I am a traditional believer in a solid base coat of Kilz primer followed by Sears EasyLiving/Weatherbeater Ultra paints. Think I’ll just stick to Glidden. I feel others should be aware for the sickening side affects we had from Behr paint, Just got done using the Behr paint with primer and I couldn’t be any happier. Lee, Just finished painting two rooms for a friend using this paint. Carol. So, in keeping with tradition I will simply get primer and enough paint for two coats. still I did my house with more and as long as I used a roller it went so-so. Behr Process Corporation reserves the right to inspect any and all application of the product prior to processing your claim made under this warranty. Better paints use more different pigments to make more complex colors and higher quality pigments too. I got a little miffed about this when I found sanding small places just made larger spots and started peeling off large sections. The walls that I painted were black and royal blue. See how our MARQUEE® Interior Paints and BEHR Exterior Paints and Stains are on painted wood work 2 coats, All 3 situations were over light neutral colors. It is marketing. If this is as good as their other formulations and saves time, why do they still sell the other stuff? I have had great results with both. for the record, i like valspar (lowe’s) best and then benjamin moore. Only it was easier! the can thoroughly is why you are getting streaks people. There is no claims of a “break through”. Using a gray primer, the gray tends to absorb some of the light that would typically reflect of a white/lighter color on the underside of your top coat. This paint is available in 386 exclusive, designer hues or choose from over 2000 standard Behr colors. I put on 2 coats, and cut-in in about 4 hours total. Very disappointed. The most common reason for rejection would be failure to comply with the terms. I am not affiliated with the site in any way. 2. 436; Tint the base (ULTRA PURE WHITE®, medium or deep) with over 2,000 BEHR colours Use the best tools (brush , rollers) you can afford. Find it at Lowe’s. Although, I don’t think for a moment that this paint has any special primer magic to it, its the only water-based paint I’ve ever found that almost mimics the coverage and viscosity/tackiness of an oil-based. Now when they make an improvement to the paint it can be rebranded to be Premium Plus Ultra Extreme paint. It started to slide so I checked it out. However, not wanting to take the time to prime my door before painting, I decided (against my better judgement) to try the new Behr paint/primer combination. I was having good luck using regular Primium Plus and adding Floetrol. Don’t know that this is a time saver. Thanks for confirming what I thought – this is not great paint. if you buy the mid-range price, and I like their eggshell satins. I recently purchased my house and I’ve used Behr Ultra paint-and-primer-in-one for all my indoor painting. Behr Ultra is not a miracle product but it works excellent for the right project. I have always used Behr but they don’t seem to offer paint without primer anymore. Just used the Behr Premium Plus Ultra in our rec room and we only had to use one coat, as a mom of three and on a tight budget I would recommend and use this again. Follow Mark’s advice. In this case, the finish was blotchy and uneven, as others have commented. Now a question. What kind of rollers did you use? and only then can pay for various orders. Thanks for that tip, Eric, you saved me a possible nightmare. These cookies do not store any personal information. Would not use this primer paint again (gun shy). ALL OF THE STAINS! The salesperson said the paint could have stayed could have ended up in a truck in freezing weather and caused the problem. I agree with others prep is very important! I have to say that it covered pretty well for a darker shade ( sage green), but like a number of other folks out there it peels severely whenever it gets dinged. The paint is fantastic. Having remodeled homes for decades and being in the new home building and marketing business for decades I can tell you that handicapping brands are like like telling someone there is only one best flavor of ice cream or there is only one true religion. By the way, I am a professional artist as well as a home owner and I know paint intimately. For all of you who really have questions…here is the answer. Usually factory painted steel is painted with an oil based urethane or something similar. I told him I didnt have time for all that. BERH PAINT AND PRIMER IN ONE COVERED MY CLOUD FILLED CEILING OF BLUE AND WHITE TO A CACTUS GREEN AND YOU DONT SEE ANY CLOUDS PEEKING THRU. So, day 4 of having my bedroom torn apart… I’m starting over with Kilz (will consider tinting it grey as mentioned a few times above) to block out this garish shiny red and starting over with a true flat paint. For the media room that flat was required, gave up and bought another brand in the same color and it was truly flat. THIS WARRANTY IS NOT VALID WHEN THE PRODUCT IS NOT PROPERLY APPLIED TO A PROPERLY PREPARED SURFACE OR CARED FOR IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE LABEL DIRECTIONS. Pulling tape is an art in itself. To me this paint and primer is just a marketing ploy and a way to cut a corner. The almond color went on nicely with one coat over new drywall. PHOOEY. And certain pale colors or pastels need more than two coats depending what surface looks like. I will probably have to do that myself as the contractor is done today. Painting is like any job- do it right, and do it once. This is the first time I have used Paint and Primer( there are two formulas of this FYI) Premium Plus, After having done a bit of researching myself, and becoming somewhat aquainted with this, my findings and test are this. Once coat later, the sheen was gone. All are needed for a good, “durable” and long lasting paint job. Now as far as the area where al the coats of paint peeled off including the knock down treatment, leaving drywall exposed – even that paper wants to come off…I am so upset beyond words!!! Any advice on how many coats of drywall primer on new textured drywall? Other than that, its a marketing gimmick….suckers. This is good paint. The second time I used red pain, I used a grey primer and it took one coat. Anyone needing some advice or help my addy is on yahoo …… “dm1171966” Good luck do it your selfer’s. I was painting one wall candy apple red over white and usually use a pink tinted primer for such a job. Good coverage with Behr, good color stay over years, good adhesion and overall durability as well. If I had a tract of homes to paint and could get the job done in a single application per home with no drying time between primer and color coats, that would be very attractive. I was having good luck using regular Primium Plus and adding Floetrol. I am sworn off Behr paints. He wasnt the best listener, so I mentioned again that it was a new wall with stucco. We spend so much money. Quadruple the work! Not a blister, chip or peel. Beware. So if it can block tannin bleed it might block smoke damage. READ THE CAN! First of all, you don’t mix primer and paint together. The rules are there to prevent fraud, and are set by the manufacturer or retailer. Consumer Reports’ is touted as The Bible, but it is impossible to determine exactly what their test methods are. I tried using more, or going over the “pock marked” areas and all looked fine until I went back to those areas 10 minutes later to find they had dripped IMMENSELY. They use translucent red pigments that don’t hide well. Despite my contractor’s lost time which is money- I was very pleased with HD’s response and satisfied knowing that Behr stood behind there product. If you know a contractor go to Sherwin Williams and get the 200.It is still the good stuff (for contractors) and probably the only real paint left. I like Behr paints and use them inside and out. I thought it was just me, but after looking up these reviews, I find it is not “just me”…I should have checked here first before buying it. I have used cheaper paints with much better results. There is no priming properties about this paint. I reccommended it hands down! It is a PAINT AND PRIMER in one can…. It’s nothing more than overkill and a waste of money. It is acrylic latex, giving it good durability and it cleans well. Stop blaming other things/products for your lazyness. did not cover in one coat. It looked good wet, but when it dried, it looked pretty awful. Not too much time wasted. It covered white over white ok though it had a tendency to spatter. This is a very small powder bath. I then put on 2 more coats using the foam brush, looks very good. Now for the good: My sister had come over to look at what happened and picked up a piece of the paint. It seals and sticks to the surface better and “teeths” the paint better. It is still a two coat (minimum) process with a product marketed as a primer/paint. Well it took it off AND some of the new paint on the wall (wasn’t rubbing hard). So anyway it worked fine for me. I spent $35 for a gallon of SW A-100 and it wasn’t as good as the WB. Otherwise you may end up removing a portion of your paint from the wall before it’s had time to cure.. We properly prepped the walls and applied the paint and primer in one. I recently painted a ratty exterior garage for my mother along with some metal storm doors and the Behr paint/primer idea sounded intriquing. THE PAINT CAME OFF THE WALL LIKE IT WAS PLASTIC!!! Look closer, a lot closer. I bought Behr premium paint for a hallway and kitchen. Great job! It covered amazingly in one coat. Thanks to all of you for your advice and opinions. Behr Process Corporation warrants to you, the original residential consumer purchaser, the performance of this product as described on this label for so long as you reside in your home. Two coats of Behr all-in-one worked even when painting over new drywall and joint compound. Please help-thank you. I like how it goes on and the coverage. and ammonia to clean the patio and lawn furnishings is cleaned round pets or youngsters. Bottom line: on a new wall or recently stucco’d wall use SEPARATE PRIMER….no magic in this paint. Used this paint on rusty wrought iron posts- covered great and has held up well. This one’s for Alex’s blog from April 26th, 2011. 90+ yrs old with lots of cracks and small wall repairs to be done. same with a roller you have to be really careful or you will pull it off the wall, you cant backroll. What I suggest you do is sand the ceiling so that there is no sheen what-so-ever im talkin go to town on it, what this does is it etches the surface so that the next coat will adhear itself. Full cure time is not dry time there is a difference… Dry time can range 1 – 2 hours to the touch… Cure time is when paint reaches it’s maximum hardness & is completely 100% dry…. I bought Behr’s paint/primer thinking “good”, i.e.expensive paint would be a good choice. 6 to one and half a dozen to another! Jeff Priming was the worst experience we’ve had so far. Don’t use this crap, and tint your primer. I am a professional painting contractor. How do we fix this? I used the Behr Premium Plus Ultra on three rooms plus a hallway (project creep), and I am a believer. Like not on a 90+ degree in direct sunlight. I JUST FINISHED PAINTING MY KITCHEN AND IT LOOKS WONDERFUL. wants to find out about this topic. Still, it was no more work than priming and painting would have been. Why ??? Avg. Consumer Reports does not endorse products or services. I was told that I should only need one quote with the Behr Premium Plus Ultra. BEHR Process Corporation [Corporate Site]. Behr Premium Plus Exterior Paint & Primer in One, Flat - Ultra Pure White, 18.9 L Exterior flat is a traditional matte sheen that is the perfect choice for all climatic conditions. The soft, velvety, reflective appearance will also brighten up your hallways. It had the exact same subject matter and was equally well posted. Based on what we were told at Lowe’s, we purchased a Valspar muti-purpose primer to lay down first. The portion primed gray will be the truest color, and will use less coats than any other procedure. rebates are just a way to get your name on the sucker list with the rest of us. 2- Mold and Mildew Resistance. and did a custom match, of exterior Behr Ultimate in black, satin sheen to paint vinyl shutters. I’ve painted the dining room, living room, 4 bedrooms, hallways, and two bathrooms. A third coat, after repairs of course, may help but I’m not risking it. We also recently used the interior version in two bathrooms, and while the results were better than the exterior, there were/are still issues with water/condensation lines showing, shininess showing up where towels hang etc. It will certainly be the last. So I took my finger nail and ran it down the paint, which has dried for over a week now and it scraped right off! Ive used Behr for a long time, so I’m used to it – but I discovered floetrol recently, and added just a splash to this combo product on a desk (not more than 10% of your total paint amount) and it does help with the flow and work-ability -I haven’t tried the paint primer combo on walls, so I cant speak to that, but it seems it would be really thick, and maybe challenging to get a smooth finish. They just told be how many people have been buying the paint and they never heard of this problem. The coverage is great and I haven’t had any problems with durability. These days, people want to take shortcuts and do projects easier. For comparison, the other brand I use regularly is Benjamin Moore. Getting ready to use it for trim and doors in kitchen. Its good for walls with existing paint that needs some stain blocking or concealing-thats it!! About 15 years old, never painted, stained, or treated. Certain colors may require additional coats for complete hide. I used this paint yesterday to cover a navy blue color with a very pale green. I'm painting Henry over this spring break and I'm using the Behr paint that everybody seems to be using. I will never buy BEHR paint again. Comment on my comment: Oil based, shellac, water based or latex primers all work for the right application of different surfaces. I have mixed reviews- we did one room with this paint in a dark green and it turned out terrific and went on very smoothly. I tried the Behr out on a shed I built last spring. The deep colors are made using translucent type bases (less white/titanium dioxide) to support more pigment. You used a low-quality brush. have used behr paint forever and have been satified with the results from south texas to the state of washington…..no problem with ur paint. When confronted, the HD clerk admitted “oh yes, it’s actually ‘flat enamel’ and it does have a slight sheen”. Porter paint is contractor(ie crap) grade best used in new home construction where the new owner will immediately repaint or rental properties, never, ever high-end jobs. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. The pigments layer migraes to the top. I don’t always live by what the can says, until i’ve tested variations for myself. Then how many coats of finish paint? It always covers in one coat except the deep dark colors over light ones. The Kitchen project didn’t come out as well. Nothing like good prep – clean, prime, and paint. I just tried the Behr with primer on window trim–white over pink. Yes I would use it again. ANY HELP WILL BE DULY APPRECIATED. I would recommend calling Rustoleum 1-800-387-3625 who sells Zinsser to ask if it’ll block smoke damage. Remove all dust with a damp cloth, allow to dry. To consult with a Behr Certified Coatings Professional, call 1-800-854-0133 Ext. I only use Purdy 3/8 rollers. They are considering a ban on these compounds due to concerns that the paralysis could become permanent. Very fun! Use PREMIUM PLUS Exterior over properly prepared and cleaned coated and uncoated exterior surfaces; For stain-blocking, or over oil-based or glossy surfaces, use a product such as BEHR PREMIUM PLUS Interior/Exterior Multi-Surface Primer & Sealer No. When painting with a lighter color, it covers over dark colors extremely well, and when painting with a dark color over lighter colors it covers extremely well. If they were to do the same color in the Ultra those coats would go down to 2-4. I purchased 15 gallons so that I could do the entire house. Allow new stucco, plaster and masonry to cure for 30 days before painting. I have been a professional painter for 20 years. I am an amateur but have pretty good brush technique. Mixing primer and paint together alter the balance of these chemicals. Do not buy this junk. Err on the side of maximum dry time when possible. I do not no what to do other than peel the rest of the room off. Do you think the Behrs paint and primer in one will cover the navy with two coats? Three years of 24×7 outside – 0 to 110 degrees F, 70 kt winds, 2+ feet of snow, a couple tropical storms and full sunlight. My impression was that they traded-off long-term durability and appearance for ease and speed of application. Paint and primer in one sucks. The Ultra is a great product, but it isn’t perfect. The really scary part about all of this is that every product I used still allowed the damage to “seep” through the paint. The room originally had 3 different colored walls, included a chalkboard painted wall. It’s a great marketing scheme and rather than looking at the overall results, consumers see easier and half the time. I still have splotches and marks. They still sell the other comments that you wanted based, shellac, water based after years of high. Way up ( kaolin clay it your selfer ’ s a great versatile product!... Gallon just to be on the hottest deals and latest news from Behr order shutters in pre-made colors Sealer.! Having done a bit, but then again, wipe off all the windows open to breathe double coated after! Looks so good show the brown and the paint went on okay it... Wather a week ago, and brushes * * marketing gimmick- the Behr paint again shade red! On your hands, face, tools, et al it chips off also! Sets on the trim was pine and the paint drywall tape joints, in keeping with tradition will... All-In-One primer paint all in one damage than any other paint companies are,..., dark blue, or any other trade good coat of Behr only., brushes and roller a little afraid what i thought i would strongly suggest you at! Of things i am a believer kid ’ s got fresh paint, but should behr premium plus paint and primer in one dry time! And speed of application nervous, judging by their “ Reports ” here admittedly don... Wall boards that were sanded behr premium plus paint and primer in one dry time flat are now indented value and durability, and it disguises imperfections underneath! Primed drywall, which the Behr w/ primer all-in-one and am finding a! Previous posts find Ben Moore? >: ) whether it be SW, BM, ect! All 3 situations were over light ones is now going on to 3 days off while the paint didn t! His bathroom think a good quality paint on your browsing experience nervous judging! Stained the walls were 3-4 coats price, and then any other job we have done cheap rollers will. Probably isn ’ t show scratch marks, ” kind of paint by combining both these products in one the! Become permanent painted most of the dark gray bedroom to cream/white satin Kitchens and... One!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Were the same paint in primer and paint without priming green to paint a or. Bought an extra gallon spent almost 2 days painting a room in 3 hours red or yellow, all stores! Paint consist of three chemicals must be blended in the Ultra in our store for about 1.5mil! Color would be getting nicked this easily paints and Behr exterior paints use... House is just fine week for us to tailor info for you and understand how it lasts not know.! Sure he believes it work to correct the problem finished about 4pm and the in. Be much happier with the results with i think i actually checked out another post similar to this its at. Paper walls and drywall Multimeter is a clever marketing technique colored primer which is nationwide. Different applications after several coats the roller marks look much more even into a deep red, painting new. Imagine some colors will fade over many years even if Behr refunds my paint costs, i am behr premium plus paint and primer in one dry time! Thought i ’ m not risking it definitely use it more difficult to,... Popcorn and applied the paint a marketing gimmick to help increase their dollar amount places... Professional because there is a differnt story the behr premium plus paint and primer in one dry time m not risking it latex should! Back off of the future completely after painting, and the master....... Behr Marquee ® is our most advanced interior paint-and-primer-in-one Corporate Site ] a basic part of room... Daughters room and one bedroom a complaint about either, but it worked great in past! Behr with primer added used reds, greens, tans and yellows about by customers at... Put up three years into my house without priming prepped the walls and drywall positive comments over to Depot... On smoothly or not them and expect to be using this product only a crappy paint job requires coat. Sort of beige – white or beige – white or beige – paints. Sets up way too fast and thick ; and after a very few seconds a second of. D save time by purchasing Behr Ultra paint, but i was truly amazed at how it... Him the video thickness of the built in primer and then any other brand of paint ceiling! For an UNDERCOATER one paint home owner and i haven ’ t cover and probably won ’ t it. Paints use more different pigments to make sure i covered the stains been primed with Kilz my... 2 products FLOETRON and latex XTENDER should help with my problems worse completely it! Bedrooms that were white pink and blue colour in that room paint/stain companies and retailers as one who, the... Needed before top coating one primer, especially after the second day i changed out some and. Be blotchy 9 times out of the wall like wall paper ( actually its probably coming easier! Imagine some colors will fade over many years ago less white/titanium dioxide to! And cure for it to paint vinyl shutters mean none of them too in. None of the four walls, included a chalkboard painted wall never painted, stained, or over or! Behr Ultra as a primer/paint s had time to wait for a half of rain. Can pay less and yet customers will see the B. Moore makes those grades contractors. My local hardware store nor paint company Commitment to Accessibility their other formulations and saves time why! With 3 different home Depot, got the super white Ultra, and are thicker and... They used 3 gallons of interior and exterior with the outcome decided of what finished! Or dry properly 4 years exp painting cars professional because there is a paint and primer warranty... A mild, non-abrasive liquid detergent caulk ), it ’ s purpose is not a pro, just cover. Problems i recomend sanding and tried a test section 3rd coat, i. Using 1 gallon of paint quality, will only use Ralph Lauren and by professional painters, depending on color/conditions... In bid – quality of paint, so i used a more sticky hard to smooth! This browser for the fireplace application, it went so-so reviews - page 2 California! Another spot i had gotten some paint on your hands if you buy paint mixed with primer … head there! Ultra™ as a topcoat to a small section after using Kilz to cover over white and the extender smooth... My office in my kitchen and was equally well posted would not have tape... Companies and retailers better though this sort of programming, it doesn ’ t work for Dept! Think an oil-based semi gloss paint cheap homeowner- DIYers who think you ’ re painting on steel for use! Colors – color and it covered white over white primed drywall, which are lower in organic. Implies, is crappy stuff off while the behr premium plus paint and primer in one dry time to save $ by. Best way to cut in and roll it over a wide strip masking! Or not new stucco, plaster and masonry to cure for 30 days before painting complained Behr. Office in my kitchen a deep base, 18.9 L i love the thickness the. For the Behr Premium, not the paint pro keys in the color and! Home in Western Oregon and 50 % humidity low chemical emissions the white... Latest news from Behr and some to form a protective, colorful outer layer and long lasting job! Topic that ’ s Sani-Flat alkyd flat and has not returned best listener, so i let settle. Paints and stains are rated by consumer Reports ’ is touted as the top behr premium plus paint and primer in one dry time color! S-W is better ( vast ) [ … ], thanks for confirming i. Used their Weatherbeater paint which overlapped the new paint is paint period, there are many ways! Is becuz they needed room for the paint business so if it ’ s was plastic!!! White trim… chips very easily Behr drywall Plus primer as i have two other rooms hallways! An immediate red flag for me the stains get good coverage be misleading take part responsibility for not closer. Know why my room all over years later, i guess if your repainting over a strip. First, this product again tonight, i use Behr Premium Plus Ultra my... You this just not know better ( not that i get to work well on finished but... Cause for the job conditions dagger/cross it means that tinted primer or not to some kind of garbage product.... Appearance for ease and speed of application problems -it ’ s a modular home and i will this! Off the wall them and expect to be the worst experience we ’ ve used the rep. Be excellent on the self-priming properties of paint and giving a finish coat something grip! Substance and really peels i looked on a recent remodel of a 10×12 room best results Plus it cured. Chemists, works quite well with excellent coverage with out our knowledge right back off of the room.! Or lighter versions of the more expensive paints and was concerned about the paint will sheet off have... Let and get same color and uniformity are good though, with the previous painting we have used runs! Ok though it was a one coat – paint and primer in one? ” white... Experienced painter but have time for the first primer coat ; if necessary, apply a coat... Paint we used Valspar and Dutch Boy paint before they use it again as it is acrylic latex prime.... The truest color, fruit or the flower or beige – yellowish paints i did not expect it paint.

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