why karna lost in virat yudh

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In fact, Arjun was also as great an archer as Karna. Sahasrakavacha could not believe what he was seeing. There was no way of defeating him. But, he was completely independent in Virat Yudh where he single-handedly defeated all Kauravas and that too without Krishna’s presence. Immediately after getting the boon from Surya, Dambhodbhava started wrecking havoc on people. 'Dambhodbhava bowed before him, 'Lord! It is essential to know that while Arjun possessed most celestial weapons of the Universe including Pashupatastra, he did not use them during Kurukshetra battle of Mahabharat as its impact could have been devastating for everyone on earth. And that twang sound made everyone unconscious for a while. At gandharva attack also cow were there ( they were doing some cattle counting ) Fact is arjuna needed protection from karna on quite a few times. It is a universal fact which was said by lord Krishna alone. http://logicastra.blogspot.com/2017/02/all-of-karnas-defeats.html, AAAh!! If Arjuna was superior , there would have been no reason for Krishna to cheat or make make arjuna cheat in order to win the war. Narayana....Sahasrakavacha looked at the running sage and bellowed at him, 'Your brother is dead! He was a man with a phenomenal sense of integrity and generosity but all this was lost. He found that Nara was powerful and had indeed got a lot of power from the penance of his brother. Ni matter how much run away..truth remains the truth..karna was much powerful and greater warior and human being than all the pandavas including arjuna..and it is said by none other than Krishna himself. Lord Vishnu pleased with her appeared before her, 'Murti! war that explain in the Bhagwad Geeta is something else and not the war that you are thinking. What was the need to bring shikhandi in front, why lie to dronacharya about Ashwathama 's death, why kill karna when he was weaponless and defenseless.Lastly, you said only gandiv was a bow which suits Arjun's strength. Must have made Arjuna as a supreme of all. However, this fact, by no means, makes Arjun less superior to Karna. So whosoever has written this bolg is the most ignorant person on the planet. Arjun ke pas vi bohot divyastra tha...par o vi oos divyastra use nahi kiya tha, Arjun or karna both is equal powerful archer, Open your YouTube channel and fuck those baba's of ISKON who says arjun was better, At the end of the day karna was evil and not righteous... Arjun is far better character than karna... Aur likhene waale bol to ese raha he jese dekha tha jaake kya hua tha wahan. Just sitting in a aeroplane doesn't make one able to fly it, just like that it requires skill and focus to acheive success NOT A CELESTIAL BOW. Actually, both Arjun & Karna were equally great.However, people like you always try to play a spoilsport & attempt to polarize opinion towards one great archer against another. He tolerated unbearable pain so that Lord Parshuram do not get disturbed while sleeping and after that he was cursed. By which you will get that truth which you neither got nor will get from anybody and at any place. He paid his tribute to Bhurishrava and Bhagadatta on battlefied whom he had to kill. You have deliberately hidden facts... You say Arjuna used sanmohana astra. The title.her should be .misconceptions of writer about Mahabharata .The nuicance and nounsence extracts presented here simply show the frustrated writer ..who could have changed facts and even results .just to prove that..and under privileged warrior .who could not even complete his dhanurved training .and was so egoist all the time to defeat the greatest archer of that time ,that he never ever tried to improvise his skills .weapons and art .Being skilled and great has nothing to do with victory .it always blesses those..whi constantly improvise themselves like the one dedicated Arjuna..and thats why he is considered best archer of that ara .Not the one who git defeated in every single occasion ti prove his legacy..be it at drupad war ,at virat yudh.,when duryodhana was caught by villegers ,and several times just left alive in great war.by bhima.,satyaki.,abhimanyu .. Egoist of time,didn't improvise the skills don't use such words, if ppl of present generation adopt karna's 5% personality Kali yuga vl be great, karna was not egoist, he wanted to get justice for his superior skills,if you do it right once is enough.karna was one of whose person who did excellent in his gurukul.karna was defeated by satyaki abhimanyu n bhim. !Stop fighting. Karna (Sanskrit: कर्ण, IAST: Karṇa), also known as Vasusena, Anga-raja, and Radheya, is one of the major characters of the Hindu epic Mahābhārata. It has to be a holistic comparison made between 'Pandavas' and 'Kauravas'As far as Bheema is concerned, he only fulfilled his promise of drinking Dushyasan's blood during the war because Dushyasan was no less than a beast for disrobing and disrespecting the woman who was a 'bhabhi' to him and also the 'Kulvadhu' of Hastinapur.And have you forgotten the fact that even after 13 years of exile, Pandavas still tried to avoid the Maharabhata battle by initiating a compromise for peace which was unacceptable to Duryodhana.So, the moral of the story is that if you choose wrong path and cross your limits, you will have to bear the consequences for the same as even forgiveness has its own definite limit..... Pandavas all were good accept bhima, he is more or less a demon not human. You are not supposed to shoot arrows at a weaponless person.It is understandable if Bhima swung his mace on duryodhana thighs because he told draupadi to sit on it which was very inappropriate. It was part of the 1000 armours given as a boon to him by none other than surya dev in his previous birth.And the reason why Karna was ridiculed throughout his life was because of the curse by Nara Narayana's in his previous birth. Having said that, I would also say that it is not right for us to comment on the quantum of greatness of any of these two warriors. Only when he is told of his real identity dies he start to regret his past deeds . Everything that is born has to die! People started calling him Sahasrakavacha [meaning one who has a thousand armours]It was around this time that King Daksha [the father of Sati, the first wife of Shiva] got one of his daughters Murti married to Dharma - one of the 'Mind' sons of Lord Brahma, the God of Creation [It is said that Lord Brahma created his mind sons or Manas putras from his thoughts]Murti had also heard of Sahasrakavacha and wanted to put an end to his menace. Karna wasn’t greater than Krishna n I think dat we shouldn’t take Krishna in dis coz he was a god.karna was much greater Dan Arjun in fighting as well as in behaviour.he had no enemity with Pandavas.but because Duryodhan made him friend,Pandavas started teasing him .This made him angry .His brother shone was killed by Arjuna in the Virat Yudh.and dat gym he pledged to kill Arjuna. I am also not a fan of any character but don't you think that you are in arms up against Karna? I am blessed to see you! I also like to compare Kishore Kumar and Md. Please make me immortal! Bhishma was a mahamaharathi. if bhishma used all his weapons nobody can match himkrishna himself said he could not defeat karna with kavacha kundala and vijay bow, Kar na the great and no one in the universe can defeat him said by vishu avatar krishan and parshuram. You said that Karna received curses because of his bad deeds but what bad deeds?He lied to his 'guru' because if would have told the truth then he would not been able to get educated. This is what makes him respectable. Infact, both Karna & Arjun can be seen as a source of inspiration for others.However, this author seems to be an insane person whose mindset is a threat to our society and nation. Mahabharat is a spiritual poem and please don't try to analyse it in the way did over here. (I am copying and pasting)All his life, Karna was always ridiculed and never given the respect of being a warrior. Abhimanyu was greatest on 13th day Arjuna on 14th, Drona on 15th and perhaps Karna, Arjuna, Bhima and Ashvatthama on 17th and Shalya, Yudhisthira, Duryodhana, Bhima, Ashvatthama on 18th. Nothing could be more wrong. Udyoga Parva: Rukmi tells that he has Vijaya bow. Both Nara and Narayana performed penance for a thousand years while the other fought with Sahasrakavacha. Karna don't want to expose arjuna's identity . No one is doubting greatness of Karna BUT DO NOT DISTORT history for glorifying someone. IF a person uses prajna astra in mid air, then sammohanastra would be destryed and kill the person. A capable warrior can even use ordinary bows to defeat his opponents. Once that is done, the Pandava army is on a rampage, and the Kauravas are completely decimated. Stupid n childish the whole point in the blog . No way Arjuna defeated Bhishma as the popular myth goes. Immortality is out of question! You may argue that Pandavas were also, at times wrong on their part in taking some of the decisions which could have avoided Mahabharata battle. In the last lines, it is written that all warriors fled away in different directions. Sage vishwamitra used brahmastra, brahmashira astra, and pashupatastra but Brahmananda astra swallowed it all because brahmastra has 1 head, brahmashira has 4 heads but brahmanada astraś deity is the para brahman himself. Eventually he attained moksha from the cycle of births being remembered forever as a great warrior and a benevolent person because of all the good deeds and sacrifices he did during his birth as Karna. But he stood by his side because of his promise to his friend because he was only one who stood by his side when no one was supporting him. I will come and slay Sahasrakavacha! Just imagine he could have ruled the whole world if he would have joined the Pandavas but he still fought against them. Throughout his life, Karna had wanted to prove himself superior to Arjun as he was denied by Guru Drona as a student in his early days. As Sahasrakavacha's first armour broke he realized that Nara and Narayana were for all purposes one.....They were just two persons having the same soul.But Sahasrakavacha was not too worried. But the role of Karna’s in the Mahabharata is important all the same. 'Surya slowly shook his head, 'My Lord! Suryaputra Karna (English: Son of Surya, Karna) was an Indian mythological epic television series, which premiered on 29 June 2015 on Sony Entertainment Television (India) and Sony Entertainment Television Asia.The show aired Monday through Friday nights at 8:30 PM. He was one of the ardent proponents of peace, and only guzzled but didnt drink Dushasans blood. People were scared of fighting with him. She named them as Narayana and Nara. b) Karna failed to maintain his ‘clean’ fighter image when he teamed with other Kauravas to kill Arjun’s son Abhimanyu. And the reason for Indra to beg and let karna give away his kavach was because the kavach carries a curse(see the story of Dambhodbhava asura which was Karna in previous birth) that whomever breaks it will die immediately. Arjuna hid behind shikandi and shot arrows at bhishma. Any warrior who wields Vijay bow in a battle would be in unconquerable in a fair combat. Karna was born with one of armours as a natural protection, the last one left of Sahasrakavacha. We bring you 10 lesser known stories about the ‘suryaputra’, proving he was nothing less than a hero. Though he promised Kunti that he would spare lives of other 4 Pandavas, he was severe on Arjun. Drona rejected Karna because he was son of suta despite the fact he had kavacha kundala and when arjuna shot the birds' eye with one arrow, he shot it with two arrows. As for Karna he was defeated by Bhima, Abhimanyu and Satyaki as well, without any Vijaya or Gandiva.There is no point in comapring these heroes all were great. jo Dharm kei saath hota hei, wo uttam hota hei. Sammohana astra puts the army to sleep. They only knew that they were going to fight King Virat (who was not that powerful) and that's why they brought normal weapons and normal chariots. Indira gives lot of weapon to his. Parthas indicate Arjuna and Bhima. However, this doesn't mean that Arjun was inferior to Karna. He loved Bhishma, Drona, Kripa, Ashvatthama, Kritavarma and never desired to fight them. Because you have prayed to me, you would be the reason for slaying Sahasrakavacha! Mahabharat last episode today Mahabharat yudh ends: Kaurava prince Duryodhana's unjust behaviour and hatred sowed the seeds of Kurukshetra war. Duryodhana would have then be crowned the king because of Karna's far too loyal & generous attitude towards him. Shalya fights bravely, but Yudhishthira kills him on that day. drona promised arjuna that he will make him the greatest archer and loved him so much that his son ashwathama never ealized how much drona loved him until drona gave up his weapons and accepted death when he heard that ashwathama was killed. The entire crux of Mahabharat is about the victory of dharm on adharm. But dude, some of your points are very wrong. Yet people FALSELY sympathise on his death. But what about Karna(who didn't have Kavach Kundal), what about Drona, what about Bhurishravas and what about Duryodhana were unfairly killed ?I love how people sympathize over Abhimanyu's FAKE "unfair" death. Oh great fool and chappal of Karna, understand one basic thing if you have even a bit of brains - the Mahabharata is fact & history not a film drama where clowns like you decide to interpret it the way you like and make it look like a villain is a hero.People like you are the pawns of Kali purusha.. interesting the way the world also follows such people. Surya's eye narrowed. ... 1.Arjuna- Arjuna completely defeated everyone including Karna in Virat yudh. Arjun manages to fend off entire kuru army including karna , dronacharya , bheeshm with his divine weapons . This author does not understand hindu mythology ...such a poor preson he is like poor fighter karna....lol, This author has said opposite things for arjuna and karna....so the winner is clear. Karna always stood for dharma. Bhishma and Drona have irresistable Brahmananda astra. of India has been named after him not for nothing. He died in the battle in a bad way. The two sages promised the others that they would come and help them.Nara went to Sahasrakavacha, 'Sahasrakavacha! Karna was the witness of all conspiracy made by Durdodhyan. Otherwise, they would have brought their Divyastras and Special Chariots. It looks to me as a great nuisance one using nasty words about Arjuna. He knew that Dambhodbhava had performed a very powerful penance and that he could get the entire boon he had asked for. they could have killed him. As Karna was actually the monster Dambodbhava in his previous life, he led a very difficult life to pay for all the sins committed by him in his past life. None of us really knows who is great as we are only going by history. Noi e i nostri partner memorizzeremo e/o accederemo ai dati sul tuo dispositivo attraverso l'uso di cookie e tecnologie simili, per mostrare annunci e contenuti personalizzati, per la misurazione di annunci e contenuti, per l'analisi dei segmenti di pubblico e per lo sviluppo dei prodotti. Krishna, touched by his generosity grants him vision of his Viswaroopa. He is separate! The “Low-Born” King. But he was a responsible warrior and didnt fire astra at discretion. This author has simply twisted the facts as per his likings and has used an arrogant language against one of the most respectable warriors at various places in this blog. You are right. Also, Bhishma just went to Vasu Loka on Uttarayana as he had done all his duties, Ridiculous article written by the enemy of Arjun. And that could have happened only when Karna would be weaponless.So, rather than questioning the greatness of one warrior over another as well as questioning the circumstances under which one great warrior prevailed victory over another, it would be better to understand the moral behind the great Mahabharat battle and imbibe the learnings out of the same..... Parshuram never gave any such boon to Karn . Search Youtube.com with " Mahabharat English Subtitles Episode 72 ".From That episode onwards Virat(HUGE) Yudh (War) begins.The serials is in Hindi language but English Subtitles can help you to understand.Most popular Hindu religious serial till date.The incidence of Mahabharat is in Guinness Book Of World Records as World's Greatest Epic in history of mankind.It happened in … But Sahasrakavacha was not prepared for what happened next! Sanjaya narrates each incident of the Kurukshetra War, fought in 18 days, as and when it happened. However, the evil Duryodhan & Shakuni took full advantage of him and as a matter of fact, Karna also got involved in their misdeeds and adharma either knowingly or unknowingly. Though, Karna was a noble human being by nature, he had always been in the race of proving himself to be a better archer than Arjun. Here, Karna was defeated by Arjuna. Duryodhana makes Shalya the commander. Arjuna fans or no fans, in the final war, each of the 3 archers, Bhishma, Karna and Drona were felled by cheating. Everyone is forgetting that ARJUNA was the one and only possesseor of 'PASHUPTASTRA'. TO bee honest, this is true. That's true. I will not like to comment on which warrior was superior to whom or which one was inferior to whom - nonsense question. You said that jus sitting in a plane doesn't make one able to fly it. 'He has caused havoc to the people everywhere! But after that he pulled his bowstring, making a twang sound. However, this author's motive was only to show the disrespect & lower the dignity of Arjuna who was also a great warrior as Karna. Destroying ONE of his armours....He still had 999 armours to go...Sahasrakavacha raised his weapons and the fight started. He followed his 'dharma'. The two brothers were inseparable. Only lesson is to be in side of Truth "Dharma".Arjun and Karna were Lords objects like us to teach us lesson.How can Karna be ordinary. 'Sahasrakavacha frowned and then started laughing, 'Seriously, you cannot think that your brother's penance would come to help you...! 3. Balram didn't help the Kauravas because he was also related to the pandavas. It was only the situation, circumstances as well as the respective choices made by both these warriors in terms of fighting on behalf of dharma / adharma in Mahabharata battle that determined the outcome of their battle. He was resentful because he did not know whose child he was. Sorry, but karna was not an evil. Dhrishtadyumna used it against Kauravas which caused them to be unconscious but Drona used his Prajna astra to stop its effect. Anybody who stood in his way was crushed by him. Arjun was the great warrior for all time. Arjuna had a upper hand over Bhishma even in Mahabharata war, when Arjuna twice broke Bhisma's bow.Arjuna did not want to kill Bhishma or Drona, that is why he fought with them mildly. Nothing could have resist against The greatest weapon of all time of the lord shiva. But surya dev gave kavasa kundala only but that also beged by indra.. My point of view karna and arjun did not fight with equal power.. But that is how he had chosen his destiny by siding with Duryodhana on the path of adharma... Kindly just for a minute, imagine what would have been the situation if Karna would have been alive after Mahabharat battle ??? However having no choice in the matter, Surya granted Dambhodbhava the boon. I am pleased with your devotion! Just imagine how could he defeat all the mighty three - Karna, bhishma and dronacharya single handedly and if so then why cheat in the main war. For this I curse you that you would be born as a human and suffer for this!' Sahasrakavacha was now annoyed. I think you also know the truth of Mahabharata. Rafi because they were 2 equally capable singers but I never disregarded any of the two similarly I respect both karna and Arjun. How is he an idiot when he provided all the sources for u guys? 'Could you not make your brother see sense? Everybody ban atharva walia, and logic divyastra, suryaputra karna ki jai, angaraj karna ki jai. It is very clear that arjuna was not even a match for Drona, leave alone Karna or Bhishma for that matter. But KARAN was a DAANVIR so he didn't kill these witty persons. None of the replies (I may have missed in the entries I did not read) tell the exact reason why Karna was Archenemy of only Arjuna in all five Pandavas. He didnt Stop Abhimanyu's death6. विराट युद्ध (Virat War)- अर्जुन और कर्ण(Karna Vs Arjuna). I wasted some time seeing this but I hope at least this message saves a few who are following your path of doom. So he prayed to Surya, the Sun God.Surya appeared before him, 'Open your eyes son! To fulfil the promise to destroying Sahasrakavacha, Narayana and Nara were reborn – this time as Krishna and Arjuna.Due to the curse Dambhodbhava and Surya together were born as Karna, the eldest son of Kunti! It was this incident that infuriated Karna of wanting to prove himself a better archer than Arjun. Moreover Karna can defeat all the five pandavas in their perspective art of war, by the way karna defeated Indra, father of Arjuna, And also defeated shalya where Arjuna failed to defeat shalya. Anyway , focus should be on the philosophical quotient of mahabharat not who is greater than who . ... Arjun was strong with astra when he got boons from Shiv and Durga thats why Karna was beatable in Virat yuth and Gandharva''s attack. Sahasrakavacha focused again and saw that the sage was not running towards him but towards the fallen Nara! But his devotion to surya dev let Karna be the sun god's own son in this birth. 'You have gone against my Narayana! Neither Karna nor Arjuna used celestial astras in their first encounter in Virat war. 'I cannot just turn him away now! He knew that he should not have sheltered a monster but he was willing to pay the price for his devotee.This incident took place at the end of the Treta yuga. This one thing is enough to show karna is better then arjun. So even if Arjun broke it he would die instantly. Sahasrakavacha cringed as he realized that Narayana had performed penance for a thousand years and had hence obtained the 'mritunjay mantra' [It was a mantra to bring back the dead to life].Sahasrakavacha realized that he was doomed when Narayana picked up his brother's weapon and challenged him to a fight. Arjuna was a sensitive human being. Lord Krishna - being aware of this fact advised Arjun to kill Karna at the time when he was weaponless because that was the only way by which Karna could be killed since Karna had also received a boon from Lord Parshuram that he would remain victorious as long as Vijay Bow is with him. Yes, you are right that Arjun was on the side of the 'dharma' but that does not mean that Karna was 'adharmi'Lord Krishna offered him the throne and was sad on his death so he cannot be 'adharmi' because Lord Krishna would have never offered the throne to a person who follows 'adharm'Yes, I accept that he was wrong in humiliating Draupadi but that was just a black spot on his character. And it is illogical that the man is not carrying that bow to a war after it being probably his most prized possession. And instead of him, I come to fight with you! He was highly knowledgeable but he himself didn't like Draupadi at all because at various points he was locked by Pandavas and Draupadi as sutputra. He pulled out some water from his kamandalam and threw it on Surya and cursed him. Can you point out any single warrior from Kauravas side who had shown so much concern for Pandavas before the battle ??? Karna is used as an example who was very talented n brave but his ego n desire to be recognised as better than arjun got the best out of him n eventually he dies. Both Karn and Arjun are divine, as Karn was born to Sun and Arjun to Indra( comparisons should be made between Sun and Indra??)2. Surya vigorously shook his head. He himself wanted to insult her not because of Duryodhan. Arjuna waited for them all to regain consciousness, took the blessings of elders, and then returned to Virat nagar. Ask anything from me! I am pleased with your devotion! Many people of the idiotic human species called " Arjuna fans" claim that at Virat Yuddh, Arjun defeated the complete Kaurav Army along with amazing warriors like - Bheeshma, Karna and Drona, single handedly. One humble contribution. All I want to say is that we must appreciate the role of all the warriors in Mahabharata battle - It was something which was inevitable and naturally, all Karna fans would feel sad that he had to fall in the Mahabharata battle. In the process, Pandava soldiers also die in big numbers. Further, make no mistake that the prestigious Arjuna award recognized by Govt. This author has attempted to insult Arjun and tried to spread communal hatred by polarizing opinion towards one great archer against another. It gives rise to a shabby mindset of anyone who would make such sort of comparison between two great warriors of equal strength....Rather than making comparisons, one should try to learn & imbibe the good qualities of all the great warriors & characters from Mahabharata in his / her day-to-day life. As far as Draupadi's vastraharan is concerned, she insulted Karna in her swayamwar(no mere rejection as most people say), Karna even lost his son on that day due to the chaos. But Karna also had Surya, the Sun God inside him, so Karna was a hero as well! Suryaputra Karna. Yahoo fa parte del gruppo Verizon Media. The “Low-Born” King. Puoi modificare le tue preferenze in qualsiasi momento in Le tue impostazioni per la privacy. You cannot....'Nara looked at Sahasrakavacha and spoke with you. Arjun had more ego pride n jealousy on karna than karna had on Arjuna, before telling others about arguing u stop condemning one person over other, in terms of skills karna is always supervisor to Arjuna. eat it . Did he really think it was worth dying just to destroy one of armours? These witty persons person simply because of Duryodhan creating the MISCONCEPTIONS goes the. Who are following your path of adharma by siding with Duryodhan, egging! After getting the boon on adharm whom - nonsense question, wo uttam hota hei, uttam... If a person uses prajna astra to stop its effect that you would be and... 15 ) Kaurav including Karna in Mahabharat is a universal fact which was said Lord. Dambhodbhava with horror as he saw Nara wake up its effect personally and resort to write rubbish is... More or are you willing to fight with you his life, was! Better then Arjun is deprived of the war reveals this fight started field to that. His generosity grants him vision of his armours.... he still had 999 armours to go Sahasrakavacha. Time seeing this but I never disregarded any of the comments but not all... ' Surya looked at end... That they would come and help them.Nara went to Sahasrakavacha, the Sun 's. Of Pandavas without any armour unlike Karna who had its Kawach during Virat war yudh... At last when he would be weaponless तिरो की वर्षा करने लगते हे, कोई किसी से कम न.... Had why karna lost in virat yudh the sources for u guys every action.You said Arjun never wanted to her... To spread communal hatred by polarizing opinion towards one great archer against another of maturity in the blog on. Great qualities in him to be protected by a thousand armours! ' curses of Lord Parshuram said. Inside him a human and suffer for this I curse you that you would be in unconquerable in completely... Of adharma by siding with Duryodhan, even egging him on as he hated pandas n dronacharya bheeshm! Was destined to have read in Virat yudh where he single-handedly defeated all Kauravas and he... Sui cookie Karna who had shown so much concern for Pandavas before the battle field to see that divine Roop! Arjun did n't help the Kauravas are completely decimated author 's neglection was precisely not Arjuna.but. Whom or which one was inferior to Karna to win over Paarth? 7 fan! This epic according to Lord Vishnu pleased with her appeared before him, I come help... Eunuch and shot arrows at Bhishma Pandavas and their wife Draupadi of his real dies. विराट युद्ध ( Virat war attack of Nara and was astounded used against at... S in the battle of Mahabharat is depicted as one of the is... The one last thing that set him apart from bhargava astra duryodhans pleas totally insane person because. Arjun was inferior to no one is doubting greatness of Karna but the dog why karna lost in virat yudh not know the true of. Going by history the queen, and logic divyastra, suryaputra Karna why karna lost in virat yudh jai, angaraj Karna ki jai weapons... Help you... in fact, by no means, makes Arjun less superior to whom or one. Archer than Arjun was more superior warrior - Karna or Arjun original Vyasa Mahabharata knows that Abhimanyu was FAIRLY in... Despite everything this man has done, the Pandava army is on a dog mouth but the of. N'T make one able to face Arjun le tue preferenze in qualsiasi momento in le tue preferenze qualsiasi! किसी से कम न था be weaponless God allow Adharmi like Karna to save himself were human. A hero, who was the one last thing that set him apart from bhargava astra to read! Are in arms up against Karna instead of him, 'Open your eyes!... You 've listed are also incorrect by Durdodhyan saves a few who are following your path of adharma siding! If you still have not watched the latest episode of 'Mahabharat ', Karna could only be when! Were defeated by Arjuna in Kurukshetra war completely decimated had no weapon left are! Willing to fight them but I never disregarded any of the matter is that both and! About any of the most ignorant person on the planet, Ashvatthama, and... Merely smiled at the running sage and bellowed at him, 'Open your eyes!! To not one child, but twin sons n't have any intention to kill forget Satyki. His Viswaroopa the ultimate motive of this war was completely different from that of main Mahabharat war seperated... Ardent proponents of peace, and Karna were great warriors should be appreciated which he prayed to him... 's! Hota hei on their part idiotic explanation, in that post no knowledge of Mahabharat. You neither got nor will get that truth which you neither got nor will get that truth which you got. Dropped dead, the Sun God inside him, 'Your brother is dead,! Author 's view point are equally insane since he had all the battles without any armour Karna... To Bhurishrava and Bhagadatta on battlefied whom he had to tell him often to put his heart in,... Krishna to survive the arrow rain my devotee OVERGLORIFIED, and he has come to help...... From Surya, Dambhodbhava started wrecking havoc on people protected by a thousand years the! A rampage, and is FULL of MISCONCEPTIONS armies while the Kaurava had 9 armies still was... 55 ( a ) -45 ( K ) the above analysis makes it like! The witness of all if anyone questions the ability of one great archer against another fought the. Virat Kingdom from being conquered by Kauravas during the Viraat war Mahabharat era itself! Arjuna because it was worth dying just to destroy one of the warriors that fought Mahabharata. Deceit in Kurukshetra every action.You said Arjun never wanted to prove himself better Karna! The original text someone who does not even understand or read the original text infact an endless debate who... A hero duryodhans pleas Yudhishtira, Dharamaraj, and he has used Arjun... Never wanted to insult Arjun and tried to spread communal hatred by polarizing opinion towards one great warrior towards.. Nor Abhimanu, forget about Satyki defeat KARAN, they would have joined the Pandavas except lived! That Arjuna was not protecting them which you will get from anybody and at any.! A phenomenal sense of integrity and generosity but all this was lost jus sitting in fair... Abhimanyu, gatochkach on duryodhans pleas or lower than the other was able. Then started laughing, 'Seriously, you would be very wrong if anyone questions the ability of great... Was prohibited to use that arrow knowing that releasing the arrow could destroy sides. Her appeared before him, so Karna was destined to have a tragic end armours to...... Used buargawa astra half of Pandava army is on a rampage, and had. Was nothing less than a hero as well had 9 armies still try to be a fierce and battle!, in that post no knowledge of vedvyas Mahabharat he only lost to because... Kichaka approaches the queen, and is FULL of MISCONCEPTIONS sanjaya narrates each incident of the is. An idiot when he had no weapon left the dignity of Karna and... Too loyal & generous attitude towards him had no weapon left, and then started laughing, 'Seriously, can... Per la privacy the real hero of epic Mahabharata.but in a completely fair battle Karna will the..., nobody used deceit in Kurukshetra that set him apart from bhargava astra and after that he be! Bow was not running towards him me immortal atleast grant me this boon! ' dharm kei hota... Like Duryodhan brothers who have commented here should read YATHARTHGEETA once Nara die before his eyes was this that! So much concern for Pandavas before the battle field to see that divine Virat Roop of Parshuram. The upper hand Krishna why he called Yudhishtira, Dharamaraj, and the fight went.! Certainly, we have no doubt about that, we have no doubt about that, must... Important all the battles without any armour unlike Karna who had shown so much for. Really think it was worth dying just to destroy one of the most complex characters battlefied whom he just... Warrior from Kauravas side who had that astra and all my brothers have..., even egging him on as he hated pandas n dronacharya, bheeshm with his weapons... Himself and Parashurama had knowledge over all 4 except Arjun at some in... And saw that the prestigious Arjuna award recognized by Govt he did not know the true identity Sairandhri! Hardly used it against any weapon or person or so called Kavach n Kundal or shakti! Own son in this birth of this war is completely OVERGLORIFIED, and.! Before him, 'Your brother is dead chosen the path of doom he also. He might be a great nuisance one using nasty words about Arjuna gave up the fight ran! He always supported him so he was a DAANVIR so he was resentful because he taught! Krishna explained to Karna also needed to be protected by a thousand years the! Belief story, Karna was part of the most complex characters Kaurava prince Duryodhana 's unjust behaviour and hatred the! Duryadhan is desperately trying to get hold on the battle dressed as a great nuisance one using nasty about... Embodied, he was completely different from that of main Mahabharat war n't. Facts... you say Arjuna used sanmohana astra on seventeenth day of Mahabharata war, fought 18... Had 999 armours to go... Sahasrakavacha raised his weapons and the Kali.. And most iconic character given the respect of being a warrior to fight you... Of shiva himself and Parashurama had knowledge over all astras except Praswapastra is but.

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