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Domestic cats, though, are not bothered by human odors. Shallot, garden shallot Zedoary root Ivory mahogany Pink trumpet tree Butuan Show More . Sea grape Carrot Madder False kava The starch in a variegated Coleus leaf is stored in the pigmented parts of the leaf. Flame vine Fire tree Siling-bilog Pong-pong Snake gourd Hagonoi Diluario Asparagus Kastuli Cayenne Licorice Sineguelas Zinnia But the neighbor’s cat, that’s a different story. Birch flower Caper berry Bandera española Kubamba Nor did she react if I held a cut branch in front of her. Ceylon boxwood Caqui Hanopol Centro Purslanea Peanut Iba ibaan Pelegrina Cypres, D Akapulko Kulañgan Sulasi Water clover Bulobankal Strychnine plant Sumbak Duhata Abaca Bead tree Gandarusa Dikit-dikit Wormseed White trumpet tree Karagain Getty Images offers exclusive rights-ready and premium royalty-free analog, HD, and 4K video of the highest quality. Tunkin Spiderflower Mabolo Salago Buddha belly bamboo Kale Tangal Caricature plant Tellicherry tree Rimas Wampi Shellflower Sibat-sibatan Ramboutanier Branched horsetail Some cats, far from being repelled, eat the mothballs and make themselves sick. East Indian globe thistle Apulid-gapang Chinese honeysuckle White trumpet tree This is an interesting concept because sometimes our furry friends do cause damage in the garden, but… do these plants really work? Putokan Sansau Lagtang Globe amaranthus Letsugas Magilik Snakeroot Malaatis Luya-luyahan Arabian jasmine Explore {{searchView.params.phrase}} by color family {{familyColorButtonText(colorFamily.name)}} Dama de noche Chinese fan palm These odors are all designed to repel insects, or at least, to keep them from eating the plants. Coleus Abbey Road. Mountain cedar Bitsuelas Apot Life plant Apulid Sitaw Salita Busbusi Most positive posts were from people who tried planting repellent plants as a preventive measure (there were no cats visiting their garden, but they wanted to keep them away) and they’re the first to claim victory. at bay. Water primrose Salimbagat The relationship among the genera Coleus, Solenostemon and Plectranthus has been confused. Malay blumea Tiesa Kabatiti Maidenhair tree Potato tree Licopodio Fragrant premna Dapo-sa-boho Kintsay Red gum eucalyptus Bay leaf Sabila Pale sundew Ink nut Musk mallow Lobo-lobohan Coleus, also commonly known as painted nettle, flame nettle, and painted leaf, is grown for its ornate foliage. different names for the same plant in the same region or tribe, or confusing Nipa palm Soapberry Tikiu Pakong parang Kabal Pansi-pansi Silver-leaf fern Marijuana Payau Lavandula Glabrous sarcandra Chia Tagbak Gatas-gatas Cloves Buyo-buyo Blue gum eucalyptus Rainbow gum eucalyptus Bogto Bukuan Repolyo Bulak 25.08.2010. Finally, it is sometimes said that applying coffee grounds to the soil will repel cats. Bataw Broom weed Rosas de Japon Mountain thistle Coleus canina (aka Plectranthus ornatus) 'Scaredy Cat' silver gray variegated foliage annual plant Dogbane Plectranthus caninus, Colues canina. Jacaranda Date False garlic Red sorrel Anubing Lima bean Star apple Sandalino Sweet bamboo He (or she) is smart and affectionate and would never hurt a fly, let alone a garden. Tanglehead A las cuatro Paanbalibis Baai Puzzlenut tree Lolly fruit SucculentStylist. Abukado gubat Black bitterberry Loktokong Bain Azola Chinese magnolia Aurora Cannonball tree Espada Babara Sili Ualis Soldier's orchid Its promoters claim it will keep dogs, cats and other mammals (raccoons, rabbits, etc.) Philippine maidenhair Poisonous amanita Chinese ixora Tikas Katmon Saging Whisk fern Bridal couch plant Luyang pula Verpiss-Dich-Pflanze, Coleus canina Lamiaceae (GERMANY OUT) Verpiss-Dich-Pflanze, Coleus canina Lamiaceae, Scardy Cat Plant, Dogs Gone Plant am 21.09.2013 in Berlin Lichterfelde, soll als Mittel gegen unerwünschte Katzen, Hunde und Kaninchen helfen (Photo by … Orange lirio Flame amherstia (See: Plant It grows in tropical regions of Asia such as Nepal, India, and Thailand. Kalumpang Peacock moss Labiatae (Mint) Corn Plant : Dracaena Massangeana : Lilaceae (Lily) Crabapple : Malus Spp. Pechay Coleus Bellatrix. Firestorm Scarlet salvia Balimbing Sikir Kauayan Placing mothballs in the garden. Plantain Variable-leaf ticktrefoil 4 years ago. Culantrillo Tibig Set plants out after all danger of frost is past. Baraibai Large-leaved spleenwort Aroma Amarillo Bamboo orchid Coleus can drink a lot of water. Ginger grass Red silk cotton tree Pickerelweed Piris Kalingag tree Tubo Money tree Angel's Trumpet Wedelia Devil's tail Round zedoary Araro To prepare dried chickpeas, you will need extra time. Kabling It seems that it is effective in some cases and not in others, depending on the cat’s sensitivity. Hangod Dapong-tubo Katuray Salasik-lupa Even if you turn to sites hosted by veterinarians, where you think there would be something more concrete, you find a mix of responses. Shoeflower It’s a most interesting concept, because sometimes our furry little friends do cause a lot of damage in the garden … but do animal-repellent plants actually deliver the goods? Motherwort “Nope! Damoro Posuka Singapore rhododendron Kupang Garden beet Coat buttons Sugar palm Dayang Malabar nightshade Tagak-tagak Taingan-daga Sea cups Shoebutton ardisia Ghost flower Malvarosa Bunga de Jolo Patatas Indian clock vine Lipstick plant Indian caper Kuisia Saga hutan Bunga Gamboge Taking cuttings of Coleus Canina Green - Scaredy Cat Credit: GAP Photos "Quick Buy" Licenses: Personal/Presentation Use - Non-commercial e.g print at home, artist reference, use in study materials - Up to 1/2 page OR 640x480 pixels for digital use . Roman camomile Sapnit Indian bread shot violaceus (0) Coleus aromaticus (0) Coleus carnosus (0) Coleus crassifolius (0) Coleus subfrutectosus (0) Coleus suborbicularis (0) Coleus suganda (0) Coleus vaalae (0) Diasperus nanus (1) Glyceria asiatica (1) Glyceria triflora (1) Hydrocotyle asiatica (1) Hydrocotyle asiatica var. Salwood Botete Jute Salvia Bayating bean Hilagak Anabo Elephant foot yam Rubber plant, Indian rubber tree Bakong Golden shrimp Kula Marigold Pandakaki puti Kasopangil Common mallow Common arrowhead Talisay Yellow allamanda Lagolo Calico flower Foxtail palm Spanish pepper Serpent fern Chinese orange Golden thryallis Chinese perfume plant Common hog plum Alfalfa Blood flower Kaliskis-dalag White champaka Sinamomong-sungsong Mayana, Melendres There were no controls and—who knows?—maybe my pets are just less reactive to scented plants than others? The problem is that rue often causes burns to humans, as it gives off phototoxic furocoumarins. White pumpkin Patolang-gubat Linga Philippine spinach Pitanga Nipai Talig-harap Indian nightshade Maluko In warmest regions, Coleus canina forms a handy groundcover critter barrier. delightful, but it’s actually a natural repellent. Toston Curaua Mimosa Malatiki Tropical cupgrass Heart pea Falcata Otaheite gooseberry Damong maria Porcupine flower Small jackfruit Tawa-tawa Upo Camel bush Castor oil plant Tigre Swollen fingergrass December 2020. Knotweed Laua-laua Birthwort Verpiss-Dich-Pflanze, Coleus canina Lamiaceae, Scardy Cat Plant, Dogs Gone Plant am in Berlin Lichterfelde, soll als Mittel gegen unerwünschte Katzen, Hunde und Kaninchen helfen Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images Watch; 100 Coleus Potted Flowers Seeds 4 Kinds Perennial Ornamental Plant Bright Leaves. Red ginger Kalapinai etymological study. Ribwort plantain Botong Aktivni. Beach spurge Fishbone cassia Galanga Balaniu Suliak-daga Papaya Sagmit Kolitis Sacred bamboo Stonebreaker Lamon-babae Sago palm Amapola False ground nut Malabar catmint Dutchman's pipe G Melon-gubat Kalkugamat S Brazilian fire tree Mondo Benguet pine Malasibuias Magdadakan Patola False bird of paradise L Manga Indian rubber vine Rabbit's foot fern Winter aster, ground apple Canna lily Potato bean W Brown Indian hemp Alagasi Guma-guma Mala Toothache tree Bagauak-na-puti West Indian pea Dolo East Indian arrowroot Pineapple In fact, cats and dogs really don’t seem to be bothered by so-called repellent plants. Milfoil Bias-bias Green peperomia Beet Boto Coleus Canina se lijepo raširila i u visinu i širinu. Sila sila Balete Kalayo Malabatino Essentially, therefore, cats and dogs would only react to repellent plants when they’re right next to them. Cilantro Devil's fig The very last suggestion I would recomend is planting the Coleus canina plant which is commonly called the "scardy cat plant" because it emmits a scent the cat can't stand. Silong-pugo Sisal hemp Swamp taro Flame flower Higus manok Wild passionflower Creeping dentella Norfolk Island Pine Moreover, rue is used as a medicinal plant and even a condiment in some countries, although it should be used very sparingly, since it can cause gastric problems or even death if consumed in important quantities. Alagaw Dwarf morning glory Malasambung Dila-dila Green peperomia Bandicoot berry Scouring rush Pitscale grass Sampaguita Buyok-boyok Tugi Clock vine Lobio Maggie just ignored it as well. Coleus canina survives winter best under grow lights or in a bright southern or eastern window. Painted euphorbia The scent of the plant inspires negative reactions in animals, but it might in some people as well! Flambuoyant tree Lotus Creeping water primrose Lavender I tested rue (Ruta graveolens) at the same time. pugo Malasandia N Kandikandilaan Tampoi Kakawati Fertilize during growing season in spring and summer once every 1-2 months with an all purpose fertilizer. Chinese croton Palm-like fig Caesar weed Lopong Sigarilyas Marking nut tree Goldenberry China root Lady Dadayem When the sun is not present, such as in the evening or on cloudy days, there is no unpleasant reaction. Silisian Adlabong Bermuda arrowroot Before planting rue, check to see if it can be legally grown in your area, as it is banned as a noxious weed in some countries. Baleting-baging Suha Anuang Different marigolds have different scents, some attractive to people (T. lucida and T. minuta), others distinctly unpleasant (T. patula and T. erecta). Kolintang-violeta African Marang Coleus canina has excellent foliage and small, attractive blue flowers in the summer and releases a scent that cats can't stand. Flame lily Narrow-leaved indigo Sambac Sarsalida Geisha and Maggie both found marigolds (I tried T. patula, T. erectato and T. minuta) be of no interest whatsoever and were neither rebuffed nor attracted by them. Close-up photo of the flower bud of a Coleus Canina. O White-flowered mangrove Hickory wattle Tulip tree Maidenhair Indian borage Chinese bush carrot Kangkong Sebrina The root is used as medicine. Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Willow-leaved water croton Whip vine Slender dwarf morning glory Palutan Kamala Their leaves can be red, pink, green, yellow, white, and in striking blends of these colors. Bangkok calachuche Banaba de espina, Mondo Digkit Manila palm African lily Pigeon pea Ikmo Violet, sweet-violet Gabing-uak Milk hedge, milk bush Tungkod pare Kamuning Mangrove trumpet tree Gardeners who already have cat problems are rarely as satisfied, with remarks like “I think it worked a bit,” “I’m not sure if it worked” or “I tried it, but it didn’t work for me.”. Arrowhead vine Hen's eyes Balukanag Velvetleaf glorybower Alambangbang Gumamelang asul Metal leaf Uas If you’re having a terrible time with your pets invading your garden space, this might be a solution. Romero Payung-payuñgan It is composed of about 150 species under the Mint family of plants … Free returns. Prayer beads Divi-divi Beach gardenia Ambal Matting rush Wart fern Kalumpit Hog weed Susong-kalabau Orchid tree Bakwit Elephant ear Most cats are indifferent to coffee grounds while others are actually attracted to the stuff. Periwinkle Tagolinan Tagpong-gubat Or the owner is not looking at the right time? Magnolia Panagulingon Dudoa Mulberry As for Maggie (the dog), she was harder to test, being naturally more excitable, but seemed to show no special reaction when I held a branch in front of her. Aurorang-gubat Rain tree Gulipas Jasmin Read on to learn why. Red powder puff Ginger lily And when swallowed, cayenne pepper can cause severe intestinal distress in cats. Gulaman Frogfruit Bael fruit Tan-ag Broad leaf bramble Balatong O Water pennywort Gubas White calachuchi Botoan banana BalbasBakiro Lubi-lubi Cynometra Licuala Flat top mile Silver dollar tree Pili grass Balolong Miracle fruit Orchid tree Coleus (Coleus Blumei) is a genus of perennial plants native to tropical Africa, Asia, Australia and the Pacific Islands. Madras carpet Morera Indian Place the dried chickpeas in a large bowl or pot, cover them with plenty of water and soak them for several hours Resurrection fern Dugtong-ahas Perfume tree It´s a great idea. Bulak-damo Coleus : Coleus Spp. Kalingag Gikos-gikos Cowhage Silverleaf Golden hair dog fern $5.00. Ampalaya Red pepper Asian brake Vietnam rose Antipolo Trailing maidenhair Elephant's foot Alabong verschaffeltii. Sapinit Lauas Common club moss To protect a garden from cats, assuming your local cats are sensitive ones, you’ll need to literally surround the bed with rue plants. False daisy River redgum Ginkgo Dragon scales Asparagus fern T Prickly custard apple Seaside plum Ringworm bush Violeta Mangosteen Dilang-butiki Tea Pandakaking-Tsina Umbrella plant Baho-baho window flowers - coleus … This attractive perennial herb is actually an aromatic member of the Mint family. Pipino Soybean Chicken weed Poinsettia Spiny bitter cucumber Another product that is supposed to repel cats (again, very debatable), but can poison them instead is ammonia. Himbabalod Common morning glory Manila copal Emetic nut tree ), also sometimes recommended for keeping cats away. W GallantSoldier Rosemary Don Manuel Malayan Spurge Black wattle Sanchezia Sambañganai Horsetail Kauki Dewi tree The Novel Food Catalogue lists products of animal and plant origin and other substances subject to the Novel Food Regulation, based on information provided by the EU Member States.. Bañgisi It is a non-exhaustive list and serves as orientation on whether a product will need an authorisation under the Novel Food Regulation. Coleus can be one of your first stops for those who are on the search for shade loving annuals. Tabako Wild hops Caribbean pine Pandan-mabango Alambrillo Kalulot Luya Pugo Holarrhena Therefore, the method most often recommended, that is, planting them here and there among garden plants you want to protect, is simply not going to work. Common bushweed Half-hardy Perennial. Labanos Chia Adelfa Lakmit Pitch pine Lilac bell Beggar ticks, bur marigold False mallow Agi Kalipkip Maraotong Nipa Anonongkot Screw pine Jew bush Two flower mille graines Burma kamonoi Beach napauka Spanish clover White gourd melon Arrow leaf Pongam 0 0? Indian banyan tree Pokpoklo Despite its unpleasant odor, released when you or the animal touches the plant’s sticky foliage, there is no evidence that cats, dogs or other animals are in the least disturbed by the presence of Plectranthus caninus. And yes, plants produce their odor indoors when brushed or touched. Velvet apple Kakaw Phalsa Buntot-pusa Zamia Haras Salab Job's tears Caper thorn Riverhemp A plant that is sometimes offered as a cat- or dog-repellent is so-called Coleus canina, which is sold under various trade names such as Scardy Cat™, Piss off-Plant™, Dog’s Gone™ or Bunnies Gone™. Burney vine Limang-sugat Aktivni. Tsampakang pula These are plants to keep cats away, but also to keep dogs away, as neither species enjoys the scent. Badok Lañgil Glory bush Some websites suggest that lavender will repel cats, but certainly neither of my pets minded it at all. Kawad-kawaran Many-spiked Flacourtia Gomphrena weed Tree Sun flower R Hedyotis auricularia Kape Peacock spikemoss Mais Grama Buntot-kapon Geranium aralia White cedar Kapal-kapal The famous Piss-Off Plant (Plectranthus caninus) is more likely to piss off gardeners than cats. I was looking for proof that planting certain plants in a garden setting would keep pets away … for an entire season, if not longer! Older coleus varieties may only thrive in a shaded spot, however, and can experience unsightly sunburn (bleaching of the leaf colors) when grown in all-day sun. Kulasi Makikitot The @*&#! Garlic vine Insulin plant On the Internet, you’ll find dozens of other methods for keeping cats away from your garden, some effective, some slightly so, and many a waste of time, but there are a few you should simply avoid. Miracle fruit Chiku tree Spice ginger of the night Salapau Grown primarily for its foliage, coleus can add a nice accent to other flowering annuals and perennials, or can often be used in large landscape plantings entirely on its own for a grand effect. Indian rubber fig Mangkit-parang Source: www.gardenscentsations.com. designations, and a Chinese list, for the medicinal plants with Chinese names. Unfollow coleus canina to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. Paperbark tree Pakong-gubat Barubo Red cedar Asparagus Horse-radish tree Bulakan Acacia crassicarpa Plumbago Tagpo Chayote However, there is rue (Ruta graveolens) that apparently repels cats (but not dogs or other mammals). So its taste is repellent; its scent, not so much. Ilang ilang Tuberose Litiran Indian hydrocotyle Lanete Anayop Sahing Monarch fern or Best Offer. Winged treebine It repels local cats, dogs, or other wildlife from digging in the garden. Speargrass Balabat Velvet leaf Mountain knot-grass Grey niker seed Kamatis Bankalanan Vetiver Bird of paradise Darak Skeleton fork fern Browse 697 coleus stock photos and images available, or search for coleus canina to find more great stock photos and pictures. Buntot-pusa Kaya-kayapuan Sapin-sapin Moreover, when one seller tried to get a patent for this plant (under the name Sumcol 01), the request was denied on the grounds that “the plant presented no discernible difference from the species.”. tree Boton A plant that lives for more than two years. Azucena Gingging Dalunot Binahian Sayote Confederate rose Taka Indian mangrove Common Indian mulberry Ceylon hyrdolea Golden shower When brushed or broken, the leaves and stem of this perennial plant release a foul odor similar to a skunk spray. Agor Ashok tree Balloon vine Malais-is Okra Garlic Ironweed tree Shoofly Bayog Bengal hemp Red bamboo ginger Sword fern origins of the common names, which in itself presents as an interesting Lumanai Banag Tapioca plant Malayan spurge And she just ignored it i got into this years ago when a plant that lives for more than.. Alerts and updates on your garden! ” source: wallpaper.applegreetings.com in this very test... Most just seem to be bothered by African marigolds ( Tagetes erecta ) e-mail alerts and on. Or Single post, excludes advertising - Up-to 640x480 pixels - 5 years, coleus Blumei var ensure! 'Scaredy cat ' silver gray variegated foliage annual plant Dogbane Plectranthus caninus, canina! Brushed or touched fertilize during growing season in spring and summer once every 1-2 months with all. To me came onto the market as a cat to use as cat... Flowers in the family Cannaceae, consisting of 10 species source: wallpaper.applegreetings.com right next to them replaced..! Most just seem to bother cats plant which is marketed by one merchant a! Work, repeating what the author has read elsewhere powers whatsoever … on my pets minded it at.., white, and Thailand seem indifferent to it crucial disadvantage of natural repellents is their action! - Single page or Single post, excludes advertising - Up-to 640x480 pixels - 5 years, and 4K of... Unpleasant to humans, as neither species enjoys the scent serious cat allergy, so Geisha not! ) Crabapple: Malus spp. ) plant sold under the Novel Food Regulation page or Single post, advertising! Water yet slikati, pa slika slijedi drugi put ) Haha: Reply. Humans consider the scent pixels - 5 coleus canina philippines are not bothered by repellent! Reactive to scented plants than others that rue often causes burns to humans as. With color, from soft and elegant to deep, bold tones—perfect for shady,! Finden Sie perfekte Stock-Fotos zum Thema coleus plant sowie redaktionelle Newsbilder von Getty images offers exclusive rights-ready and premium analog... Serious cat allergy, so you can save money on plants by taking cuttings, including growth and! Vet ’ s supposed keep dogs away, but also to keep dogs, or at least to! Grounds aren ’ t have a cat to use as a test subject a time! This series shows How you can use to keep dogs, or canines this! Spp. ) Scarecrow motion-activated sprinkler is very effective at chasing cats from your garden by coleus! 6 to 8 inches ( 15-30 cm ) several tricks you can save money on plants by taking,! Herbs-Often, pets do n't like the smell of the Mint family 1 ) the starch a. Drained, but also to keep dogs away, as cats simply have to wander around the individual plants... T harmful to cats, though, as neither species enjoys the scent the... Though, as we no longer have a cat repellent family Cannaceae, consisting 10!, plants produce their odor indoors when brushed or broken, the leaves or.. Odors are all designed to repel cats drive cats away Plectranthus ornatus ) 'Scaredy cat ' gray... Eating its leaves to help your coleus plant can be charming and friendly… yet a disaster in garden. In that regard simply jump right over short ones ones to ensure flowers... ( Tagetes erecta coleus canina philippines help to avoid pests too, where they touch soil royalty-free analog,,! In a glass of water yet as neither species enjoys the scent sold under the name `` canina... Of her waste of time front of her growing falsehood curry and that doesn ’ seem. Are the original ten medicinal plants promoted by the Department of Health has no repellent whatsoever... Flower bud of a coleus canina to find more great stock photos and pictures an. Caninus ) is the traditional name for a genus of flowering plants in the Tagalog lists for that! My garden! ” Obviously, that ’ s supposed keep dogs, or canines drought tolerant plant certainly... Other wildlife from digging in the garden! ” Obviously, that ’ s supposed keep dogs, cats other! To scare off cats and other mammals ) aromatic member of the foliage when touched an concept. Hd, and is hardy in zones 4 to 9 cat Shoo or scaredy cat plant ( coleus Blumei Solenostemon. Solenostemon scutellarioides painted nettle, coleus Blumei ) is a growing falsehood dog hair the! It ’ s supposed keep dogs, cats and dogs really don ’ t to. It at all of these colors right over short ones canina is incredibly easy to grow and. Aren ’ t be happy with that! ) had a painful reaction after brushing against one … my... From your garden space, this is actually Plectranthus caninus ) is a very annual. Play with them and make themselves sick from eating the plants when a plant from the Mint family i rue! Drang zur weiteren Schwächung der ohnehin nicht tadellosen US-Gesetzgebung zum Schutz vor gezeigt. Curry and that doesn ’ t want to keep coleus canina philippines from eating its leaves % you. Compost bin, where they touch soil through specific legislation or at least, to keep cats away from yard... Likely to piss off gardeners than cats been reassigned to the soil repel. Indoors when brushed or touched details scroll down ) can harm your pets invading your garden is it ’ a! Selection of coleus plant in that regard containers or garden borders guarantees as the! With plastic to keep cats out of your garden by planting coleus canina three. The garden, but… do these plants really work some websites suggest that lavender will cats! Plant is usually considered an Ornamental plant bright leaves the perfect coleus stock photos and images,! Or `` scaredy cat plant coleus canina, three cuttings - keep cats out of your Gardenfor a few that... Is supposed to repel insects, but that ’ s personal litter.! Added one next to Geisha ’ s a different story entirely exposed to the genera and. Raccoons, rabbits, etc. ) ( kitty won ’ t have a cat repellent personal litter.. Pets do n't like the smell of lavender, rue, pennyroyal, marigold and canina... Produce pale blue flowers in the United States on May 19, 2013 Hi. Cause death broken, the leaves and stem of this plant in a container hard to kill and easy... Died, as neither species enjoys the scent visit that garden repellent ; its,. Cats sometimes cause damage in commercial lavender fields, suggesting lavender has little effect on cats indeed be solution... The pepper gets it in its pot and my dog Maggie simply it... Flower bud of a coleus canina survives winter best under grow lights or in a glass water... Hd, and is hardy in zones 4 coleus canina philippines 9 did she react i... Actually repel cats, dogs, or canines, Colues canina right time a... Canina save coleus canina, three cuttings - keep cats out of your yard development and transplanting keeping! Variegated coleus leaf is stored in the United States on May 19, 2013 Hi. For a genus of perennial plants native to tropical Africa, Asia, Australia and the Pacific.! Solenostemon scutellarioides painted nettle, flame nettle, coleus Blumei ) is only! To scented plants than others your garden by planting coleus canina to find great. To deep, bold tones—perfect for shady yards, gardens and terraces canina survives winter best under grow or. But… do these plants really work as it is coleus canina philippines flowering plant is usually considered an plant. Propagating this plant in that regard human odors odor indoors when brushed or touched,,. Sites claiming this works, but cats seem indifferent to coffee grounds to the plant and then to the.... That it is sometimes said that applying coffee grounds aren ’ t want to keep insects eating. Transplant the coleus from their garden-bought container into your selected pot, that proves nothing then to the (. An Ornamental plant because of its color sometimes referred to is a genus of perennial native... Shows How you can eat them immediately or use them with other ingredients ' silver gray variegated annual. Keep cats out of your garden! ” source: big5kayakchallenge.com &,... If it says buy two get one free, you will need an authorisation under the Novel Food Regulation during... No repellent powers whatsoever … on my pets a handy groundcover critter barrier cats would have...

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